DeliVita Pizza Oven Discount Code

This page is used to publish any discount/coupon/promotional codes we find for the DeliVita pizza oven. Unfortunately, no current coupons are available, but we will update this page if we find any. Or please contact us via if you have any so that we can share them. NOTE: Don’t waste your time on coupon … Read more

Delivita Pizza Ovens Vs Ooni Pizza Ovens

Both Delivita and Ooni manufacture portable pizza ovens for consumers. However, there is a big difference in their products and target market. The table below provides a brief rundown of the differences between the two brands and then we will look at each of them in more detail. Ooni DeliVita Price Lower (£££) Higher (££££) … Read more

What are the dimensions of the Delivita Pizza Oven?

The dimensions of the Delivita pizza oven are: Width: 59cm (23.23 inches) Height: 35cm (13.78 inches) Depth: 65cm (25.6 inches) Weight: 30Kg (66.14 pounds) If you are using the Delivita foldaway stand, the dimensions are adjusted to: Width: 67cm (26.38 inches) Height: 126cm (49.61 inches) Depth: 67cm (26.38 inches) Further details about Delivita’s specification and … Read more