Delivita Pizza Ovens Vs Ooni Pizza Ovens

Both Delivita and Ooni manufacture portable pizza ovens for consumers. However, there is a big difference in their products and target market. The table below provides a brief rundown of the differences between the two brands and then we will look at each of them in more detail.

PriceLower (£££)Higher (££££)
PortabilityMore portableLess portable
Range of productsLarger rangeSmaller range
MaterialsLower qualityHigher quality
Build quality/methodMass-producedHand-crafted


The lowest-priced product in the Ooni range is just £250. Conversely, the lowest-priced DeliVita pizza oven is £1,395. The most expensive Ooni pizza oven (the multi-fuel Karu 16) is £699, which is still much more affordable than DeliVita’s product.


Delivita’s lightest pizza oven weighs in at 30Kg, and whilst one person can carry it on their own, two people are recommended for this task. The lightest Ooni pizza oven is just 9.25Kg, and only one of their products exceeds 18.2Kg

Range of products

Currently, the Ooni range consists of 5 products – a wood-pellet burner, two gas burners (different sizes) and two dual-fuel burners (different sizes). In comparison, the DeliVita range consists of just two products – a wood burner and a multifuel burner. Further information about Ooni’s full range can be found here.


DeliVita pizza ovens are made from high-grade materials. The quality of Ooni’s build materials is not poor but they are not as high-quality as DeliVita.

Build quality/method

Ooni products have been developed with assembly line mass-production in mind, which is why they can keep their prices so low. In contrast, each Delivita unit is hand-crafted, which puts a bigger overhead on labour.


Both brands of pizza ovens look great however the Delivita is more sleek, elegant and beautiful. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so this can be subjective.


The superior build materials and processes used by DeliVita mean that they can offer a 5-year guarantee on their products. Ooni, in comparison, offers a 3-year guarantee.

Overall verdict

Both Ooni and DeliVita make great products – they are both recommended choices on this website – however, they cater for totally different markets.

Ooni aims to bring authentic pizza-making to the masses by providing decent pizza ovens at an affordable price.

DeliVita targets the more discerning consumer that wants a premium quality product and service and is prepared to pay more for the experience.