5 Ways to Remove a Stuck Chimney from an Ooni Fyra

You’ve just fired your Ooni Fyra 12 up the first time and cooked some delicious pizza (which was enjoyed by all) and now it’s time to clean up and pack away.

But wait!

The bloody chimney stack is stuck. The b@stard thing won’t twist back off again and you’re rapidly losing your patience and shouting at the dog.

You’re not the first, and most certainly won’t be the last, so take comfort in the fact that you’re in good company.

And, thank god for Google who helped you to find this awesome website where I’m going to tell you five ways to unscrew that mf.

The five methods below have been ordered from ‘super easy’ to ‘a bit of an inconvenience’.

1. Push down and twist

Without wanting to sound like a smug little IT Technician who recommends “turning it off and turning it back on again“, it’s always best to start with the obvious.

You need to get a good strong grip on the chimney and turn it in an anti-clockwise direction. You can use heatproof gloves or something similar to help you get hold of the thing.

2. A bit of olive oil

If the obvious doesn’t work, the next thing to try is pouring a little bit of olive oil around the base of the chimney stack, both on the inside and outside.

NOTE: Make sure you remove the pizza stone from the inside first.

Give it two or three minutes to seep in, then push down and twist again (and maybe give it a little wiggle as well).

3. WD40 loosens anything

If the olive oil fails, try spraying some WD40 on the area instead. Again, leave it a few minutes to seep in (and make sure to remove the pizza stone first) before you push down, twist and wiggle the chimney.

4. Ice Ice Baby

This method takes a little longer because it involves getting your Ooni Fyra HOT again and then letting it cool naturally.

The expansion and contraction of the metal from the heat can be enough to ‘break the seal’ of the steadfast chimney stack alone. But to hedge your bets a little further, wrap an ice pack around the base of the chimney or pour cold water on it.

This causes the chimney stack to cool and contract faster than its housing, therefore making the join ever so slightly smaller. Then…you guessed it…push down, twist and wiggle.

5. Pull out the big guns (or strap wrench)

If you’ve reached step 5, you’re one step away from keeping the chimney stack on forever.

Your last resort is to invest in a strap wrench (if you don’t already have one in the toolshed). Strap wrenches are similar to regular wrenches but are made of rubber, which prevents scratches or other damage from being caused to your Ooni Fyra. Wrap it around the chimney stack (somewhere close to the base) and pull.

What to do differently next time

Some people blame this issue on a design flaw in the Ooni Fyra.

Personally, I think that you’re always going to run the risk of metal objects that are attached to one another getting stuck when in very high heat conditions.

To reduce this risk, I recommend not screwing in the chimney so tightly next time you use your pizza oven. It still needs to be tight but not tight tight.

Until next time,…