How to stop the gas flame going out on the Ooni Pro 16

Something that has come up several times in the Ooni forums is users having difficulty keeping the propane gas ignited on the Pro 6.

Users report that after about 5 minutes the flame goes out and when they try to reignite there is a mini-explosion.

Nine times out of ten, this is because they are using the wrong door on their Ooni Pro 16.

The Wrong Door?

The Pro 16 comes with two door fittings.

One is an open hatch and the other has a glass viewing screen and thermometer on it, which seals the cooking chamber.

NEVER use the door with the thermometer and glass viewing screen when you are using gas as your fuel.

Many people mistakenly think that using this door helps to keep the heat inside the pizza oven. This is true to some extent but it also causes a gas build-up and restricted airflow, which causes the flame to go out. The build-up of propane gas is what can cause the mini-explosion.

Always use the ‘open’ door when cooking with gas

Ooni recommends that the door with the viewing pane and thermometer should only be used when burning wood or charcoal in the oven.

When using gas, the other door/hatch should be fitted to allow air to flow through the unit and keep the flame ignited.

Gas can burn hot enough to reach cooking temperatures within about 15 minutes, even with heat escaping from the front of the unit.

Hope this helps anyone that is having trouble 🙂