Ooni Fyra 12: Regular or Perforated Pizza Peel?

Although you can use a regular old spatular to make pizza in your Ooni Fyra 12, a pizza peel will make your life much easier.

A pizza peel is a flat, wide spatula specifically designed to transfer pizza dough into and out of hot ovens. It’s also used for turning pizza dough so that it cooks evenly on all sides. They are usually made out of wood or metal.

They come in different sizes depending on the size of the pizza oven they will be used with and the size of pizza that will be baked. For the Ooni Fyra, you will need a small 12″ (30cm) pizza peel – any larger, and it won’t fit into the front opening!

Traditionally, pizza peels were solid; however, these days, there is also the option of getting a perforated pizza peel. This type of peel has small holes over its surface, which can have several distinct advantages.

Firstly, they allow excess flour to drop off the underside of the pizza base. Clumps of flour on the pizza stone can burn, leading to the pizza base not cooking correctly and excess smoke.

In addition, perforated pizza peels are made of metal, which means they are thinner than their wooden counterparts and are easier to slide under the pizza. However, this is only advantageous over wooden peels – there are plenty of solid metal peels on the market that are just as thin. But perforated peels tend to be lighter because they have less mass.

Finally, perforated pizza peels provide additional ventilation that can reduce the condensation on the underside of the pizza, which can lead to excess moisture and soggy pizzas.

The main disadvantage of perforated pizza peels is their cost. They tend to be quite a bit more expensive than solid peels because the machining process is more costly (even though you are technically getting less metal).

Ideally, I would recommend a perforated peel to enhance the quality of the pizzas that you make, but a solid peel isn’t a terrible choice if that is all you can afford.

Ooni sells both solid and perforated pizza peels; when I last checked, it was £35 for the solid and £55 for the perforated.

But you are not limited to an Ooni peel to use with your Ooni Fyra. I would say to avoid the very cheap brands as they can deteriorate quickly or have a poor design (e.g. the holes being too big). Just remember that the opening on the Fyra is only 12″ wide, so ensure you get a peel that will fit inside!